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Selling in Color

Feb 1, 2022

As we enter Black History Month, it’s important we remember ways to encourage and elevate underrepresented sellers. Only 20% of sales professionals are people of color; this month is the perfect time to acknowledge that discrepancy and take steps to a more diverse sales community. So on today’s episode of Selling in Color, Donald details three simple ways to elevate underrepresented sellers.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn to highlight someone.
  • A previous Selling in Color guest, DeJuan Brown (check out his episode here), used to make weekly LinkedIn posts highlighting others in his community.
  • Hiring managers say they don’t know any people of color or that no people of color choose to apply for open positions. So DeJuan made a point to expose these people to people of color.
  1. Give a lead or help a sales rep thrive.
  • A recent guest A.J. Vassar stated that we need to connect more. And that the first thing we should ask is, “what are you trying to accomplish this week, month, and year?”
  • If you help enough people, you’ll eventually get what you want. Reciprocity is real.
  • Ask your friends who their ideal customer is, and as you’re prospecting for yourself and see someone who qualifies, help them out.
  1. Celebrate wins.
  • Celebrate those around you when they accomplish something great. 
  • Not only does this encourage that individual, but the noise this celebration creates will inspire other people of color to go out and do big things as well!

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