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Selling in Color

Jan 11, 2022

Do you want to double your sales deals in 2022? In today’s episode of Selling in Color, Donald shares his three planning tips for the new year

Tip #1: Make planning a part of your daily routine.

  • Enterprise companies lose 10% of sales due to poor planning. So don’t be like them!
  • Do the things you have planned to do, whether that’s prospecting, research, discovery calls, or anything else.
  • The snowball effect is real - missed opportunities only lead to more missed opportunities.
  • Donald’s advice: Set aside thirty minutes each day to plan for the following day. 
  • In your calendar time, set aside flex-time to account for interruptions, extensions, and overrun meetings and breaks to prevent your day from completely falling apart.

Tip #2: Focus on areas that increase sales.

  • Donald couldn’t find a planner that helped him in his sales goals. So, he created his own!
  • You can purchase his amazing sales planner on Amazon (you can’t blame us for a shameless plug, right?)
  • This planner helps segment tasks into business development, administrative, and other discreet sections that help prioritize your day based on activities that increase income.

Tip #3: Measure your daily performance.

  • Tracking your performance helps draw necessary insights to determine what elements of your current strategy are beneficial and what parts need to change.
  • Consider finding an accountability partner, be it a co-worker, friend, or boss, to help you stay on top of your workload.

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