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Selling in Color

Nov 9, 2021

As you’re looking to get your next (or even first) sales job, understanding what traits help you stand out can be a challenge. But on today’s episode of Selling in Color, we’re looking back to an episode from the vault of The Sales Evangelist (featuring Billy Keels.) This episode focuses on what criteria a hiring manager looks for when hiring successful sellers. 

Hire the right behavior 

  • The ideal candidate is someone proactive. They should work without needing someone to oversee their work. 
  • Being proactive is a core strength for sellers. It opens more doors, creates more connections, and eventually points customers toward the sale. 
  • As a hiring manager, a good interview question for potential candidates will allow them to talk about a time they were proactive. 
  • New sales reps go through trial and error as they gain experience, so ask about that and what they’ve done, not what they would do. 

Look for self-awareness 

  • The benefits of being self-aware are tied to a candidate’s skills, ambition, and attitude. 
  • As a sales leader hiring for a team, you compensate gaps in a candidate with how they can be supported through training programs and other sources.
  • To see if a candidate is self-aware, ask about issues they’ve had meeting quotas and what they did to improve those results. 
  • The hard truth of sales? Sometimes we just don’t win. But a willingness to work to overcome that can make all the difference when hiring a potential candidate.

Consider the scale of the role. 

  • Obviously, hiring someone for enterprise sales requires a more robust skill set than a sales training position. Therefore, consider the job itself and what degree of skills should be present in the ideal candidate when hiring.
  • Regardless of the position, avoid setting overly high expectations. This could result in burnout, which won’t help new sales reps reach their goals (or sell more products.)

Hire people who can self-manage.

  • Look for candidates who have goals and don’t need to be told what to do. They can work independently and do what’s best for their career and their business. 
  • If they don’t reach sales goals, a candidate should self-correct and start a new plan. They don’t go to their boss every time they have to make a decision.

“Things To Look For When Hiring Successful Sellers” episode resources

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