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Selling in Color

Aug 3, 2021

What does being one of the best sellers in history entail? In today’s episode, Donald Kelly focuses on Oprah Winfrey as one of the world’s best sellers in history. 


Oprah’s introduction to public speaking:

  • Oprah realized she loved public speaking after speaking to her congregation on Easter Sunday. She began writing and selling speeches at the age of 12, earning as much as $500 from her work. 
  • Oprah’s success stems from five elements:
  1. She is relatable, and she knows how to build relationships
  2. Her creativity and willingness helped her act even under challenging circumstances
  3. She’s a hard worker
  4. She thinks big, and she continues to push herself
  5. Oprah is selfless


Oprah builds relationships with everyone.

  • She is vulnerable, and she values authenticity regardless of whether there’s a camera or not. 
  • She shows empathy to everyone she interviews. Instead of just asking point-blank questions, she sees the humanity of every person and asks them like a fellow human being instead of a reporter. 
  • Oprah isn’t afraid of making mistakes and owning them. 
  • The same is true for sales: salespeople can’t be perfect in everything we do. Making mistakes is part of the process and being honest about your mistakes makes you a relatable salesperson. That’s the kind of salesperson people gravitate to. 


On being creative and having the willingness to act:

  • Oprah doesn’t just sit and wait for things to happen. She takes action and turns things around. 
  • In sales, you may find yourself in a variety of difficult situations. But instead of being upset by your circumstances, make the best out of the conditions.
  • Sales reps can learn from Oprah Winfrey and her elements to success.
  • The door will still open if you are generous and give more to other people. The goal in sales is to help others and to give them solutions. 

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