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Selling in Color

Mar 9, 2021

As sales leaders, do we ask ourselves how we can help those coming into sales after us to find success? Sales is difficult if you are without a mentor or coach. In this episode, Jacob Gebrewold talks about the importance of helping new salespeople to succeed. 

Jacob’s beginning in sales

  • Jacob didn’t get into sales on his own. It was a team effort in the sense that a lot of people rallied to lead him to where he is right now. 
  • He started his first sales development rep role when he was 18 and went on to become an account executive after that. 
  • His passion is tied to helping people solve their problems and there is no greater industry where he could solve problems at scale but in the tech space. 
  • It wasn't originally his plan but he was tapped by some people on  LinkedIn. He got help from many people on how to navigate the interview process and how to best articulate what he is bringing to the table. 
  • Having diverse people in the team who use different methods in solving problems based on their life or work experiences makes the team better. They add value to the team. 

Challenges that hold people from getting into sales

  • Oftentimes, people are not aware that a B2B sales career is an option. 
  • Some white people who previously didn’t know about tech roles still end up in the tech sales space because of their network and the community they are in. It’s different for black men and women who probably do not hang out at the Golf and Country Clubs. Most of the black people do not have those established social numbers. 
  • Generally, there’s a misconception about sales and what salespeople do. 
  • It’s also difficult for black people to walk in a space where they don’t see that many people who can relate and understand their experiences. There are some conversations that black people can’t relate to and vice versa and that may leave them feeling lonely and without a sense of real belonging. 

Helping others understand the opportunity in sales

  • Black salespeople should be disproportionately equipped out of anyone in any career path to speak about what you do. 
  • While money is not the only measure of success or value, it’s still nice to have an impact on your income and sales have that. Many people in sales put in more effort and they are rewarded incredibly. 
  • Targeted communication to black folks about what they’re hoping to get done will be helpful. This is something that black sales leaders should be excited to bring to the black community. 
  • Sales is a career where you don’t need that tertiary education but would still be able to earn six figures. This truth should be communicated more to the community. 

The Sales for the Culture community

  • It’s a community of black sellers for black sellers to make sure that black people are attracted to, empowered in, enabled for, and included in the tech sales profession. 
  • Sales for the Culture community is created to make sure that the black folks don’t do the sales game alone. 
  • It partnered with a non profit organization called Re:work Training. They tag people from untapped backgrounds, especially the black folks. They give them free training and get them up to speed on how to get a tech sales job. 

“How Can We Help Those Coming Into Sales After Us Find Success?” Episode Resources

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