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Selling in Color

Oct 12, 2021

As a sales professional, you’re going to face many objections from potential clients. So how do you help prospects overcome those challenges that might hold them back? In today’s episode of Selling in Color, that’s exactly what Donald will speak about: overcoming objections and racial bias.

The objection is a natural part of the sales process.

  • People like to buy things, but they seldom want to be sold things. To avoid that, make them feel like they had an active role in the process.
  • Great sellers can guide the process and the prospect to make a decision themselves rather than make the decision for the prospect.
  • People typically have an innate reason why they don’t want to buy something or why they have hesitation.
  • Especially in the 70s and 80s, people assumed people of color were not as experienced or knowledgeable about their products.
  • It’s not your job to teach people not to be racist per se, but it is nevertheless an obstacle you need to overcome to make the money you want.

Three most common objections when a prospect wants to think about the sale:

  • The prospect doesn’t know enough information.
  • They’re busy and don’t have the time to think about the deal.
  • They’re just not interested and don’t know how to say it.

Establish your expertise to overcome these objections.

  • Let them know you work with other credible organizations, demonstrate thorough product and industry understanding.
  • Give them options.
  • Regardless of the objection, you can work your way past it by demonstrating expertise and developing a relationship with the contact. 
  • Even if they aren’t interested or genuinely do not want your product, use that as an educational opportunity. What about the product do they not like? What about their current product do they not like? 
  • Use this conversation to both understand their objection and potentially address those issues to land a second meeting or demo.

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