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Selling in Color

Aug 17, 2021

Did you wake up one day and think, “wow, I really want to be a salesperson!” Yeah, I didn’t think so. But even if it wasn’t your childhood aspiration, sales is a great industry that has the opportunity for growth and compensation many people look for, even to the point where you make as much as a doctor! Today’s episode of Selling in Color features Kevin Cummings, a man who has sold in multiple industries and found the sales success we’re all searching for. 

Kevin had no intentions of becoming a salesperson. 

  • After working for years towards a B.S. in Biology, Kevin realized his senior year he had no desire to be a doctor. 
  • Because of his personality, his friends encouraged him to work in pharmaceutical sales. However, after being rejected by multiple companies and organizations, Kevin felt dismayed and disheartened. 
  • Eleven months after graduating, Kevin got a call from Grainger, and they were looking to hire 30 sales reps for a salesforce expansion.

Kevin knew this was his chance. But luck was not on his side.

  • On the day of his interview, there was a terrible blizzard. Halfway to the interview, Kevin realized he left his wallet at home and was unable to pay for parking.
  • Desperate, Kevin illegally parked next to a Chase bank, hoping he could get money to pay. He parks, only to be approached by the police. 
  • He explained the situation, and the officer told him to leave his car parked illegally while he grabbed money. (And wished him luck on his interview.)
  • Kevin got to the interview and entered a panel. He ended up speaking to the hiring manager, who then introduced him to the regional director. He got the job three days later.

Kevin joins the sales profession.

  • He got his first promotion at Grainger after two years, but his new position required an entirely different sales technique from his previous role. 
  • He now had to be strategic. He was expected to research and be a trusted advisor to his accounts, not just a salesperson.
  • It took him four months before he began to be successful, but he learned a great new skill set.

Kevin has since worked in many sales roles.

  • After leaving Granger, Kevin sold medical supplies. When he was interviewing for that role, he had to explain why he should be hired with no medical sales experience. 
  • He explained he wanted to marry his sales accolades and experience with the biology degree that’s been catching dust on his top shelf. And they hired him.
  • He worked there for almost three years before his current job at LinkedIn. 

The big takeaway Kevin wants listeners to know? Sales is the one profession that transcends every single industry. While you might not have a passion for sales, find your passion and see where sales fits in. You can make legitimate money in sales, so match your passion with a lucrative career for an all-around great solution. To reach out to Kevin, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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