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Selling in Color

Nov 16, 2021

There’s a longstanding sales debate: is sales an art or a science? In Donald’s opinion, it’s actually a little of both! Striking a balance between understanding sales as an art form and as a science is the key to generating sales, whether or not you have experience! The key? Master sales like Kobe Bryant mastered basketball.

Sales is a lot like basketball:

  • You likely aren’t going to become a 7-foot giant by simply willing it into existence (if this does happen, we suggest seeing a doctor.)
  • But for some average-sized players who compensate for their height in other areas of the game.
  • The same holds true for sales. Some people are born with a silver tongue that makes it an easy gig, yet other salespeople compensate for the lack of that natural ability.

Kobe Bryant developed a strategy when he began playing: 

  • While his dad was a professional basketball player, Kobe didn’t start playing until later in his childhood. 
  • When he first started, on a list of 60-some players, he was near the bottom of the list.
  • Some were more skilled, some were taller, and some had more experience.
  • But Kobe was hungry. He isolated the core fundamental skills: shooting, dribbling, and endurance. Each year, he focused on mastering one of those areas.
  • Since many of these players weren’t working as hard as he was, he began to surpass them.
  • He dubbed it “the mamba mindset,” doing whatever it takes to be successful.

Similarly, sales require you to become masters of multiple skills.

  • If you notice you aren’t performing as well as others, isolate skills you need to improve or skills other sellers have that make them successful.
  • Each quarter, study and master a new segment of your sales performance. Truly master the individual skills so you can put them together later on.  

People of color often don’t have the network, experiences, or internships that put them in a position to be successful. But your drive and passion for your work can equip you with the skills to surpass those with natural talent or status in life. If you do that, you can out beat them because you’re isolating, focusing, and repeating.

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