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Selling in Color

Nov 23, 2021

What principles do Donald and his team live by to yield a 90-95% show-up rate to appointments with his prospects and clients? (Here’s a hint: it’s all about establishing a personal communication line!) Find out on today’s episode of Selling Color. 

Establish a specific date and time for them to commit to the appointment.

  • If you don’t know a prospect’s information, ask for the best email to send a calendar invite. 
  • Acquiring the prospect’s preferred email address is also a valuable resource for you to communicate with them and ensure they receive materials you might want to send them in the future.

Create a personal line of communication with the prospect.

  • Send a LinkedIn request. If someone doesn’t show up, send a quick LinkedIn message to them, where they’ll be much more likely to respond quickly than via email.
  • Or, even better, send a text message. (Is that something we can do? Absolutely!)
  • Offer your cell phone number first, telling them to text you if they can no longer make the appointment. 
  • You let down your guard first, and they’ll be much more likely to reciprocate if you ask for it.

Automate your calendar system.

  • The best way to ensure a prospect's meeting information is recorded and sent is to automate the process! Platforms like offer automatic email notifications that make sure everyone is on the same page.

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