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Selling in Color

Dec 21, 2021

In this episode of Selling in Color, we’re pulling an episode from the vault of TSE that will greatly help you further your sales game. Sales professionals all desire success, but how exactly can you bring that desire to fruition? Lisa Nichols is a transformational coach who uses education, motivation, and inspiration to help her clients achieve prosperity.

Lisa discovered in her twenties that she was functionally dyslexic. 

  • Her English teacher told her she was the worst writer she had ever met. 
  • Even her speech teacher told her, “Ms. Nichols, I recommend you never speak in public; get a desk job.”
  • Education was challenging, and when she had her son, she needed government assistance. 
  • She was broke and broken, and in that state, she learned a valuable lesson: When you’re broke, you just have to make money. But when you’re broken, you have to be inspired enough to get up and do something. 

What is abundance?

  • Many people think of two concepts regarding abundance – monetary and assets. 
  • These things are each a part of abundance, but they don’t make up all of it. 
  • When people reach a certain level of wealth, they realize they want to have abundance instead. Abundance means having financial assets and healthy relationships with others. 
  • Lisa works with wealthy people, but she’s not coaching them to achieve wealth; she’s helping them achieve good relationships with others. 

Getting abundance:

  • You lead where your energy goes. Paint a picture of your five-year goals. Create a plan, then work the plan. Ensure that you are an abundant thinker and live your life intentionally with that plan in mind. 
  • Ask yourself these questions: Where are you living? What’s your monthly bank account balance? How many vacations are you taking? How does your relationship with your children look like? With your spouse? 
  • Be specific about details. Based on this five-year goal, figure out your three-year goal and one-year goal. Make decisions based on those plans.

Making a life plan

  • You’re not just making a five-year plan; you’re creating a lifeline. 
  • People typically make macro goals to get macro wins. In reality, learn to create micro wins for your macro goals.
  • If you don’t hit your goal, don’t lose a little faith in yourself. Set yourself up to win. 

Get the free abundant checklist by visiting this link.  Catch up with Lisa Nichols via her LinkedIn profile. 

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